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Lhasa - Tsedang Tour

(Depends on load condition sometimes China Airlines Operates flights Ktm/Lax/Ktm on Thursday and this tour is based on flight Ktm/Lxa on Sat and Lxa/Ktm on Thursday)

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01 (Sat):
Kathmandu / Tsedang. Tsedang hotel (Tsedang, the cradle of Tibetan, is 100KM away from the airport and 3500m above sea level.

Day 02 (Sun):
The tomb of the king; Yumbulakhang & Chamdrok. Tsedang hotel (The king¡¯s tomb is 70KM from Tsedang town in the Chonje valley. Yombulakhang, the first palace for the first king in Tibetan history, is 15KM away from Tsedang town. The mountain slope palace was originally built in the second century B.C, but the replica was rebuilt in the 1980s. Built in the 7th century by the king Sontsan Gambu, Chamdrok is one of the oldest temples in Tibet, 4KM away from the Tsedang hotel.)

Day 03 (Mon):
Drive to Lhasa via Samye monastery (It takes about one and half hours to reach Samye monastery by crossing the YarlungTsampo River on a ferry. Built in the 8th century by an Indian Buddhist master¡ªPadhamsambhava, Samye monastery was designed on the plan of Odantpuri temple, covering a total of 25000 square meters of land.)

Day 04 (Tue):
Sera monastery; Jokhang temple & Barkhor Street (Sera is the second biggest Gelupa Monastery in the north suburb of Lhasa, which was built in 1419 by Tsongapa¡¯s disciple¡ªSakya-yeshi. Situated at the heart of the oldest section of the Lhasa city, Jokhang, one of the oldest temples in Tibet, was built in the 7th century by the 33rd king¡ªSontsanganbu. Barkor is the middle pilgrimage circuit around Jokhang temple.)

Day 05 (Wed):
Potala palace; Drepung monastery & Norbulingka (Potala was the winter palace of the Dalailama, which was originally built in the 7th century by the king Sotsen Gampo and rebuilt to the present size by the 5th Dalailama in the 17th century. Built in 1416 by Tsongapa¡¯s disciple¡ªJamyang-choje, Drepung Monastery is the biggest Gelupa monastery in the west suburb of Lhasa. Built in the mid-18th century by the 7th Dalailama, Norbulingka, the Jewel Park was the Dalailama¡¯s summer palace, it covers 100 acres with palaces, pavilions and a zoo.

Day 06 (Sun/Thu):
Lhasa / Kathmandu.